The Course

100 kilometres of Sydney’s stunning coastline. Filled with the sights and sounds of nature with plenty of opportunities for water and loo breaks.

What more could we ask for?

(Please read below for our Covid-19 Protection Plan)

Narrabeen to Bronte

Starting in North Narrabeen at 2 pm on Saturday 3rd October, we’ll grab a coffee and head down the coast towards Bronte.

We’ll be passing through some exquisite landscapes, walking along the Northern Beaches through to Manly, then across the Spit Bridge, around Bradley Head to Mosman before we stop off for a quick recovery (and pizza) break. You’ll be able to have a shower, quick lie down and some snacks and coffee at the rest stop.

We’ll then pick ourselves up (or each other, depending on how sore we are) and march on around Cremorne Point, across the Harbour Bridge, then hug the coast along the Botanical Gardens, Rose Bay, Vaucluse, Watson’s Bay, Bondi, all before reaching Bronte Beach before the 24 hour mark, for some well earned tucker and drinks.

Read below for course details, starting times and our Covid-19 Plan.

The gentle roar of the Northern Beaches.
The clapping waves near the finish line.

Course Details and Starting Times

Below are the starting locations & times for the various distances:
You will get all the essential details again in your inbox once you register

* (Very Silly) 100Km to go : Narrabeen Beach at 2PM, Sat 3rd Oct
* (Rather Reckless) 50Km to go : Mosman at about 4AM, Sun 4th Oct
* (Fairly Foolish) 30Km to go : Opera House at about 6:30AM, Sun 4th Oct
* (Really Rash) 25Km to go : Sir David Martin Reserve at about 7:30AM, Sun 4th Oct
* (Pretty Practical) 20Km to go : Rose Bay Park (Point Piper side of the park) at about 8:30AM, Sun 4th Oct
* (Relatively Reasonable) 15Km to go : Nielsen Park at about 9:30AM, Sun 4th Oct
* (Somewhat Sensible) 10Km to go : Signal Hill Reserve at about 11AM, Sun 4th Oct
* (Somewhat Serious) 5Km to go : Rodney Reserve (Dover Heights) at about 12:15PM, Sun 4th Oct
* (Very Serious) 1Km to go : Gaerloch Reserve (north of Tamarama Beach) at about 1PM, Sun 4th Oct
* (Ultra Serious) Joining us just for lunch : Bronte Beach at 1:15PM Sun 4th Oct!

COVID-19 Protection :
(1) All walkers will be asked to bring along their own hand sanitiser & masks. Those who can’t, will be provided with them.
(2) During the walk, any walkers who are exhibiting illness will be asked to deregister from the walk. Anyone suspecting illness can deregister at any point until they begin walking. Deregistrations due to this reason will receive a full refund of their registration fee.
(3) Social distancing rules as per NSW State Government Guidelines will be followed during the walk and during the post walk lunch, as per present during the weekend of the walk (Sat 3rd Oct 2020 – Sun 4th Oct 2020)
(4) Food served during lunch will be prepacked hot meals and handled by volunteers wearing gloves and masks
(5) Full Name and Mobile phone numbers of all walkers and those joining the post walk lunch will be recorded as per NSW State Government guidelines, in case they are needed for contact tracing purposes. Records will be destroyed one month after the event.

FAQs :
(1) In case of cancellation of the event, everyone who has registered will be refunded their registration fee
(2) Cancellations will be communicated to all registered walkers via mobile phone and email. This decision may be taken at any point depending on the weather circumstances.
(3) Rain is likely to be the only reason that the event could be cancelled. The intention is for the event to go ahead in most circumstances, but the safety of walkers will not be compromised.
(4) What should I bring for the walk? You will get an email a month out from the event with everything you will need to bring. As a minimum make sure you have comfortable shoes, warm clothing in case it’s cold, a bottle of water and some muesli bars/fruit you can eat along the way.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us and we’ll be very happy to try to answer them for you!

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